Life as a Demigod

RPG based on the Percy Jackson Series, By Rick Riordan
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Welcome to Life as a Demigod RPG. This RPG is based on the Percy Jackson Series. Be the first to be a Demigod!

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 Jayne Lockbreak's Character's

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Jayne Lockbreak

Jayne Lockbreak

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PostSubject: Jayne Lockbreak's Character's   Sun Apr 29, 2012 12:06 pm

Name: Jayne Aurora Lockbreak (Prefers Jay or Jaynie)
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2"
Body Type: Normal, flexible
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Grey
Personality: She's a loner but when she gets talking to a person, she can't stop. She's often quite bittet. She's also intelligent.
God Parent: Athena
Mortal Parent: Corderoy Lockbreak
Siblings:She has a younger step-sister called Taisie Leanne Laker.
Powers: N/A
Pets: A pet owl called Riscas
Origin (Birth Place): London
Weapon: CB twin blades
RP example: Jayne put her book down. How many times had she read Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution now? She mentally counted and came up with at least ten times. It was only a bit of light reading to her. She stood up and stretched, noticing the time. She missed dinner. She didn't care. The library was so quiet and peaceful that day. She could stay a while longer.
Life before CHB: Jayne was born to a Professor in genetics. She was raised by her stepmother who had a daughter called Taisie. Jayne often disliked Taisie because her father doted the little girl. At the age of nine, she was sent away to a boarding school. That was when she started planning her escape. When she could, she escaped her boarding school and ran. A voice called to her at the worst times of her journey and eventually led her to a house owned by a satyr called Satyrn. Satyrn personally escorted her to camp where she remains to this day.
Note about your Character: Face claim- Michelle Tratchenburg
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Blake Linely

Blake Linely

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PostSubject: Re: Jayne Lockbreak's Character's   Sun Apr 29, 2012 12:49 pm

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Jayne Lockbreak's Character's
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