Life as a Demigod

RPG based on the Percy Jackson Series, By Rick Riordan
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Welcome to Life as a Demigod RPG. This RPG is based on the Percy Jackson Series. Be the first to be a Demigod!

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 Bryce Masons

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Bryce Mason

Bryce Mason

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PostSubject: Bryce Masons   Tue May 01, 2012 11:49 pm

Name Bryce Fleatcher Masons
Age 12
Body Type Musculer
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Personailtys Loves to Travel and theif
God Parent Hermes
Mortal Parent Clara Masons
Siblings Eli ,Ryan, and Lee Masons
Powers Good Pranker and good stealor
Pets none
Orgin New York but i have a britsish accent
Weapon Golden Sword named Eftchis
Rp Example
Bryce was walking down Central Park and noone was there the rode was dead today. Bryce entered a hall way full of trphies.
Then heard a voice saying Bryce Masons Son of Hermes come now. Then he saw visions of titans and gods fighting he couldnt take it he fell to the ground in pain. Then woke up at Camp Half Bllod
.He didnt know how he got there he looked around and saw his brother.
Life Before Camp Half Bllod bad
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Flynn Ross

Flynn Ross

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PostSubject: approved   Wed May 02, 2012 12:34 am

its approved bryce
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Bryce Masons
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